June 14th, 2009

Los Angeles Sake is for people who love learning about sake…and more importantly, love drinking sake in the Los Angeles area.

About LA Sake and Karise

I am a sake aficionado living in Los Angeles. I grew up in a Japanese American household in Hawaii, and until a trip to Japan 5 years ago, the only time I drank sake was out of tradition to bring luck for the New Year. My perception of sake was that it was strong, harsh and not nearly as tasty as my drink of choice, Ketel One with a splash of pineapple.Everything changed with my first sip of Shirataki Jozen Mizunogotoshi. It was so crisp, clean and smooth, and I left Japan with as many bottles as I could fit in my suitcase. After I returned from Tokyo, I spent a year in New York, where my love for sake grew after many a night at Sakagura, Decibel, and my favorite restaurant, Bond St. I was also impressed by the number of sake enthusiasts in attendance at the Joy of Sake tasting events. Since returning to Los Angeles (I love New York, but you can’t beat the sunny LA weather!), I’ve been searching for the best places to drink sake here. I launched this site to share my discoveries about sake, in hopes of building a “community” of sake enthusiasts in Los Angeles.

My email address at losangelessake.com is karise.


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